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Michelle Allen has lived and worked in the Canadian Film and Television Industry for more than forty years. She has been casting Principal roles for Film and Television since 1986.


Michelle had the honour of winning the 2009-2010 Artios Award (Casting Society of America Award) for Outstanding Achievement in Television Pilot Casting for the hit CBS show The Good Wife. She was also nominated for two awards in 2006: Outstanding Achievement in M.O.W. Casting for the highly acclaimed A & E special, Flight 93, and A Little Thing Called Murder starring Judy Davis for the Lifetime Channel.


In addition, Michelle has cast Zack Snyder-directed feature films Man of Steel, Watchmen and Sucker Punch as well as Final Destination Five, Red Riding Hood, Mystery Alaska, Cousins, The Accused (starring Jodie Foster) and Roxanne (starring Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah). Among her many episodic credits are Lost in Space, Fringe, Dead Like Me, The Twilight Zone and 21 Jump St. She has also cast more than sixty films for television.


Michelle is exceptionally proud and pleased to have worked with two time Academy Award winning Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu on The Revenant. The film won 8 Oscars in 2016, among them Best Director for Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Best Motion Picture, and was Leonardo DiCaprio’s first Oscar win for Best Actor.


Michelle continues to be dedicated to casting and coaching and is a proud mentor and supporter of Canadian performers.

Private Coaching


Michelle offers one-on-one coaching for performers seeking to build confidence in themselves, their work, and their audition preparation. Michelle provides a safe, intimate environment for actors to explore, evolve, and refine their unique choices prior to an audition. She works "from the inside out" to facilitate authentic, fresh, and inspired outcomes. With an industry-wide professional reputation for integrity, Michelle is known for being "straight up".


Michelle's Approach

“As a casting director I've had the honour and privilege of working with some of the finest Directors and Producers in the industry. Over the last 35 years I’ve developed the skills and experience needed to support, engage, and connect with Canadian Artists in a meaningful way. Naturally, I bring my casting director sensibilities to coaching: the difference is, I’m not in the “judging” seat. When I coach, I focus entirely on the individual needs of each performer to nurture their unique strengths and true potential.”

Rates: $60/hour, $90/1.5 hours, $120/2 hours.

One hour minimum applies for all coaching sessions. Please note: this service is available only to performers who have Professional Acting Representation in Canada. Taping services are not provided or included in this offering.

To apply for coaching please use the contact form below.


Please include the following information:

- Date and time of the deadline for self-tape/audition
- Date(s) and time(s) of availability for an online coaching session via Zoom.


Once your coaching application has been received, your headshot, resume, breakdown and audition sides will be requested. Michelle will then arrange a time for your coaching session.

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Department of History, Greenhill University, CA

"Other than helping me with some awesome choices, it was more of the energy you brought into the session that really helped - very warm, yet super attentive. I loved how you made notes on the script, and taken the time to just be prepared for me.

I really enjoyed the meditation we did to connect our coaching session, and it may have come intuitively to you but the words 'you don't have to prove yourself' really hit me, and stayed with me until the next day. 

I felt you were vigilant and very present and 'with me' during the entire session. The words you were using helped me relax and open up and be ready to play without worrying about making mistakes. 

It was a wonderful session for me. I left feeling warm and grounded."

- Z. Durrani

Following are some performer testimonials:

"Michelle is a positive and insightful teacher that has been instrumental in my son’s development as an actor. She encourages Ty’s individuality and creative interpretation while challenging him to invest in character development to deliver an authentic and grounded performance. Michelle’s extensive industry experience is invaluable and her genuine investment in Ty’s growth has been a gift.

- W. Loupelle

"Through my coaching with Michelle, I have developed as an actor immensely. She creates a friendly and welcoming environment where I am able to make mistakes. Michelle challenges me to try new things and gives me freedom to experiment. She is a devoted and skilled coach who has provided me with all the tools I need to grow as an actor."

- T. Loupelle

"Be a lamp, be a lifeboat or a ladder. Help someone's soul heal. Walk out of your house like a shepherd"
- Rumi





Fine-Tuning Film and Television Audition Technique 

This learning opportunity is geared to, and ideal for emerging performers who have some acting training, professional representation, and who are already auditioning for film and television. It is a safe environment for performers to experiment, improve their audition skills (ie., CONFIDENCE), up their game, be competitive and creative, learn more about the casting process, and identify the keys to enjoying - rather than just enduring - their auditions!


Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Class is limited to ten participants.

Deadline for application ______________by 6:00pm. 

Cost: $200

To apply for a Workshop please use the contact form below.

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On Casting The Revenant

On Casting The Revenant

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Pictured: Michelle holding a photo of Melaw Nekehk'o, who she cast as Powaqa in The Revenant

Michelle In Theatre


Early on in her career Michelle produced and directed 6 plays for the Vancouver Fringe Festival, commencing 1986. Her first theatrical production was Talking With by Jane Martin and featured monologues by eight female performers. "It was received enthusiastically by audiences and went on to become one of the Pick of The Fringe titles that year."

Michelle’s early years as a performer and communicator

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"Tutu Girl"

"The Communicator"

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